About Us

About Us

Come and Experience it Yourself


Once you step into the portals of this experience, you would have stepped into a New World; a world, which takes you back in time.

At Rajwadu, we not only bring alive the traditional Indian and Gujarati culture but also harp on the need to preserve the same for future generations; quite simply because we want the myriad expressions which have come to occupy the faces to last and be passed on.

The traditional welcome – full of warmth; the leisurely saunter in lush green surrounds along lantern lit pathways and responsible for those manifold expressions; the courtyard temple with four generation idols; the works of art and the resplendent architecture of yesteryears; and much more, is what Rajwadu is all about. Not to forget the cuisine and we – your host; comprising of our in house staff –
whom we call members of our extended family and who breathe, day in and night out
traditional hospitality. What we call “Mehmangati”

Come and experience it yourself.

Rajwadu: where there is – indeed – looking back!