Theme Weddings

Theme Weddings

A Lasting Marriage


Marriages are made in Heaven and We, at “Rajwadu (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” ensure the grandeur when the ceremony is solemnized on Earth.

India is known for it’s wealth of traditions, amongst them, ‘The great Indian Wedding’ is the flag bearer, famous for it’s pomp and show, typical of the great Indian Maharajas of the erstwhile states.

The splendor and the ambience associated is understood by us at “Rajwadu (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” and who else ? but us, recreate the opulent majesty in it’s true form in keeping with the ‘THEME’.

“Rajwadu’s (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” Majestic Tree lined entrance with Flower Beds, ornaments cultural value and warmth to the traditional welcome. This is in addition to the gaiety of the lantern lit pathways all along the route of “Rajwadu
(A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)”
. The Groom can majestically – enter mounted
either on an Elephant, a Camel, a Carriage driven by Horses or a Cavalcade of
Cars in the essence of the ‘THEME WEDDING’.

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The lush green Lawns exhibit supple opulence to the occasion and lend piety to the solemn event. On this lawn the stage is set which is decorated as per the ‘THEME MARRIAGE’ of opulence or simplicity like, if your THEME’ is royal than you can opt for royal colors like red and yellow and use drapes of these colors and compliment it by Flower decoration as the Flowers sets the mood of the Wedding. The same holds good for the ‘Mandap’ where the ‘Mangal-Phera’ or the ‘Kanyadan’ takes place.

The grandeur can be enhanced along with matching furniture like thrones for the bride and the groom to sit. (In Gujarati wedding, sitting arrangements for the bride and the groom can be made on a traditional swing beautifully decorated with golden and silver netted drapes and flowers. This kind of decor gives a heavenly feeling to the wedding ceremony.)

The entire “Rajwadu (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” is further lit ceremoniously by sparkling lights to illumine the place and bring the sky on earth at night hours to further add to the extravagance.

The entire rituals, be it the traditional ‘JAIMALA’ or POKAVU the ‘ARATI’, the ‘MADHUPARKA’ or the ‘VIDAI’ arc completed in entirety with as large a gathering as envisaged. No dearth of space or other limitations mar the exuberant auspices at “Rajwadu (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)”.

The heart of every function ‘The Delicacies’ are another of “Rajwadu’s (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” strengths. The multi-cuisine Exotic variety made as per the ‘THEME of the MARRIAGE’ of traditional dishes caters to the taste buds of all Foodies and you leave satiated. These are served by our traditionally attired hospitality staff who with their warmth and smile make you feel at home.

To add glamour to the whole function we provide fun and games for all ages. These can be chosen from a variety of cultural dances, Bhavais etc to the typical fun moments for the children accompanying the guests.

The traditional welcome – full of warmth; the leisurely saunter in lush green surrounds along lantern lit pathways and responsible for those manifold expressions; the courtyard temple with four generation idols, the works of art and the resplendent architecture of yesteryears; and much more is, what “Rajwadu (A Unit of Seetavallabha Ram LLP)” is all about.